Otherwise known as: Wood Chips, Woodchippings, Wood Shavings, Wood Chip



Typically our customers use woodchippings to create a mulch. This mulch forms a barrier between the sun and ground which provides both protection and moisture retention. Woodchippings help to stop weeds growing through, look aesthetically pleasing and also add nitrogen into soil. As many industries create woodchipings as a bi-product they are also environmentally beneficial.




Pennington Building Contractors supplies materials sales via our fleet of Grab Lorries. Grab Lorry Hire is also available. The product is weighed for conformity before delivery and then delivered in either 1t Grab Bags or 15t Loads. We service anywhere within a 30 radius of Newbury including Berkshire, Hampshire,Surrey and London. The extended reach of the Grab means delivery over most walls and fences is possible saving you time and money. Please note discount is available on larger orders or Account Customers. Contact Us now to discuss your requirements 

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